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Help support the Wilde Lake Middle School PTSA  fundraiser by buying a SaveAround Discount Savings Book today!

SaveAround Fundraiser:
Start Date: 03/29/2019
End Date: 04/15/2019

The book pays for itself after the 2nd or 3rd use. One book is only $25. Great discounts await you. 

Order Form Submission:
  1. Return  completed order form  to Home Room teacher with payment for each book
  2. Make checks payable to  Wilde Lake Middle School PTSA
  3.  To order online, go to  https://www.supportourgroups.com/GN/159155

Any unsold books MUST be returned to the school.

Questions? Contact secretary@gotigersharks.com

One Bowl At A Time

Don't cook tonight. Join us at Noodles  World Kitchen for our fundraiser night and support WLMS one bowl or two at a time.

See you at Noodles World Kitchen in the Columbia Mall on Wednesday, April 24 from 4 pm to 8 pm.  

10300 Little Patuxent Pkwy Ste 1340, Columbia, MD 21044


Join us for a perfect night to show off your culture and traditions.   International Night is on May 10, 2019, in the Cafeteria.

Represent your favorite place - local, regional, national or international - at our annual International Night and celebrate diversity.

This is the perfect opportunity to embrace diversity and explore cultures at the book fair.

Signup online or return signup sheet to front office.